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Preparing for Google Cloud Developer Certification

Recently, Google has been launching a couple of certification programs that would help people dictate their knowledge and expertise levels with the Google Cloud Platform. At the moment (January 2019), there are 7 certifications including Professional Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer and Professional Data Engineer.

So with all that happening, I decided to try to go for the Cloud Developer and see how being certified is like. I added all the resources that I used and relied on before going for the exam so you can refer and use them to prepare for the exam. I may have over-prepared in my case as I was kind of aiming for the Google Cloud Developer certification in the future.

Tips on preparing for the exam

  1. Here are some of the coursera courses that should help prepare for the exam. The coursera courses give a quick overview of the features available in Google Cloud Platform. They use Qwiklabs in order to allow you to quickly test out one or two of the features on the platform and be familiar with using them (without you having a GCP account and paying for trying out the service)
  2. Qwiklab Quests
  3. Being familiar with the Google Cloud Console. Rather than just just sticking to the coursera courses and qwiklabs only, it really helps to use the platform on the daily basis. Use it and try developing apps that use specific features on the platform. It is relatively quite easy to try out features as there is plenty of sample code within the Google Cloud Platform documentation page.
  4. For the Google Cloud Developer certification, the exam literally would test every aspect of the platform. It’s especially vital to appreciate the different choices of data products in Google Cloud Platform such as Cloud Spanner, Cloud Datastore, Cloud SQL etc. E.g. Like when and what situation you would you one of the products over the rest; why would you migrate over to other data products when your requirements grows etc