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Summaries from Fossasia conference in Singapore

View the full list of Fossasia Video recordings on the [engineers.sg] website on this website: https://engineers.sg/conference/fossasia-2018

Here are some of the videos I particularly liked. I summarized some of the interesting points from said websites.

  • Topic: Everything as code https://engineers.sg/video/everything-as-code-fossasia-2018--2409
    • Instead of using GUI tooling to define architecture, have everything be specified in code instead. This opens a whole bunch of ways to actually work with it. Some of the benefits would include being able to utilzie the full set of tools that programmers to work on a set of code (git + repositories + versioning etc). Another benefit would be the portion where it becomes possible to have repeatable builds - it is hard to replicate same actions on the GUI interface of infrastruture platforms.