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Tips for Class 3 license in Singapore

These are some notes that I took while taking my driving license in Singapore at CDC from August 2019 to December 2019. Some of the advice may/may not apply to you when learning to drive - so take all advice with a grain of salt.


List of important things to take note (Read them just before going for TP practical test)

  • Signal then blindspot
  • Always check blindspot before turning
  • S course - full lock before exiting (Prevent wide turning point deducting)
  • Reverse parking need delayed turning
  • Be calm while switching lanes - don’t rush to next lane (Do proper rear view mirror checks and side mirror checks)
  • Remember that reference points for reverse parking near crank course is different
  • After emergency stop, do checks like moving off (Signal left and check blindspots etc)
  • Turn at shoulder only for u turn and going out of reverse parking
  • Be more left at zebra crossing (To prevent motorcylist from squeezing on your left)
  • At traffic junction, always check pedestrian, then traffic then blindspot
  • Drive slower in circuit so that got more time to turn
  • Gear 2 for turns (on road)
  • In circuit - don’t inch out at traffic light… later might get stuck at yellow box
  • Accelerator should be on the ball of the feet
  • Look out to where you want to go (thru the side mirrors etc)
  • Bus stop yellow arrow is a yellow box
  • Long filter lane - check 3 times. 1 check before entering filtee lane, 1 check when turning, last check befoee going out
  • Turn right from reverse parking with crank course - towards parallel parking - move slightly left then when mirror cross solid white line - full lock right

Moving off

  • Signal
  • Make sure in gear 1
  • Check mirror and blindspot
  • Check blindspot
  • Release hanrbrake


  • Go up and stop before yellow line - need to accelerate a bit
  • Signal to the kerb
  • Handbrake on
  • Then prepare to move off
  • Biting point
  • Accel to 2500
  • Signal opposite side
  • Release handbrake slowly (but not too slow)
  • Put more accel and release more clutch accordingly
  • Cancel signal on top
  • Stop if got other vehicle in front at stop line
  • Let go clutch a little and let vehicle roll
  • Full on clutch on the way down with no brake
  • Brake before the end and clutch in… hard brake is fine

Kerb side stopping

  • Signal left
  • Check blindspot
  • Inch towards stopping point
  • Keep checking left side mirrors
  • Once stopped… hazard light
  • Put to neutral
  • Handbrake on

Crank course

  • Full lock of steering wheel at the door lock
  • Once vehicle is straightened turn 2 rounds back
  • No need to check blindspot in the course

S course

  • You should not be at the centre of the road at the end
  • Be more on the right of the road at the end - else might hit kerb when turning out
  • Check blindspot before turning out

Direction change

  • Go into it
  • Go as far in as possibly can
  • Stop
  • Put to reverse
  • Check rear view
  • Turn and check back
  • Check spot is clear
  • Reverse till required mark
  • Check left blind spot before turning steering wheel
  • Ensure parallel to kerb inside
  • If too left, move out to the right before turning left out
  • If too right, its ok

Perpendicular parking (near s course)

  • Be closer to the line
  • Move till next parking at kerb at shoulder
  • Begin to turn when black bar in rear window touches right rear corner of carpark

Perpendicular parking (near crank course)

  • Be center of lane
  • Move till next kerb at shoulder
  • Extend the yellow bar to the ends to become a lot
  • Right bar of rear left window to cross it and then full lock

Perpendicular parking (common)

  • Check rear view
  • Check back mirror
  • Check spot is clear
  • Reverse a little
  • Check swing out
  • Check mirrors
  • Reverse till ok

Parallel parking

  • Kerb side stop - dont too close
  • Left signal
  • Stop when side mirror at stop line or sign to next bay
  • Put to reverse
  • Check rear view
  • Check back window
  • Move till front left door handle reach edge of kerb
  • Check right blindspot
  • Full lock left
  • Look at right side mirror, check for middle for white and black kerb
  • If 34 white or between white and black kerb, quickly make wheels straight
  • Once at mid between kerb, stop vehicle and adjust mirrors
  • continue till rear wheel crosses yellow line
  • full lock right
  • move as far as you possibly can
  • switch to 1st gear
  • straighten vehicle/wheel
  • put to neutral and handbrake on

Parallel parking corrections

  • If rear wheel not in, move forward as much as you can
  • Full lock left, move as far back as you need and straighten vehicle